SISSA – Trieste, June, 17-21 2019

The focus of the workshop is on recent developments in correspondences among supersymmetric gauge theories in various dimensions, topological field theories, 2D conformal field theories, integrable systems and the corresponding moduli spaces. 

To register to the workshop, just send an email to the organizers. 

The Workshop will take place in the former SISSA building in the Miramare campus.
Address: Via Beirut 2-4, Trieste. Location: Room D.

To reach it from the center of the town, Bus. N. 6 (direction Grignano). If coming by Bus. 51 from Trieste airport, stop at Grignano and pass the tunnels till ICTP. 

Wi-fi connection 

We preview that all participants will be able to connect to eduroam via their own credentials. If you do not have eduroam connection, please bring a copy of your passport/id card in order to open a temporary account with the ICTP connection. 

  • Bershtein, Mikhail – pdf
  • Dunne, Gerald – pdf
  • Frau, Marialuisa – pdf
  • Kozçaz, Can – pdf
  • Longhi, Pietro – pdf
  • Gavrylenko, Pasha – pdf
  • Iwaki, Kohei – pdf
  • Pasquetti, Sara – pdf
  • Prochazka, Tomas – pdf
  • Tan, Meng-Chwan – pdf

G. Bonelli, A.Tanzini 

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