SISSA – Trieste, July 4-7, 2022

The focus of the workshop is on recent developments in correspondences among supersymmetric gauge theories in various dimensions, topological field theories, 2D conformal field theories, integrable systems and the corresponding moduli spaces.

The Workshop is organized in the context of the Institute for Geometry and Physics

Preliminary list of speakers

  • Oleg Lisovyy
  • Fabrizio Nieri
  • Mikhail Bershtein
  • Pavel Gavrylenko
  • Maxim Zabzine
  • Andrea Brini
  • Boris Pioline
  • Xinyu Zhang
  • Andrei Marshakov
  • Marieke Van Beest
  • Sara Pasquetti
  • Pietro Longhi
  • Michele Del Zotto
  • Agnese Bissi
  • Carlo Meneghelli
  • Marta Mazzocco


G. Bonelli, A.Tanzini

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